The latest ways you can access instagram on your PC

We have tried in all honesty to let you understand that there are only two different operating systems where you can directly access the functions of instagram. These are the iOS and the android operating system that was letter developed this year. In the same vein, we have also told you that there is no direct software for the use of instagram on your PC. But we also went ahead to give you some of the activities that will help you view images that are of very good vintage and retro effects. These sites are also endowed with filters that will filter your picture to give it the kind of look that instagram gives. But now, we are going to let you know how you can access the activities of instagram through your PC.


There is a window instagram which is known as instagrille. This will give you access to the functions of instagram. You have to first visit the instagrille site from where you will download the instagrille installer. When you are at the site, you will see the icon where it is written install instagrille. You just need to click on install. For you to run the installation, you will see a pokki window which will appear on the page. When you see this window, you then click on next to start the installer. When you must have clicked on the next, you will see the green led indicating that the program is installing. At this juncture, you need to allow the installation to complete. The speed depends on the strength and speed of your browser and server.


After the installation has been completed, you will then find two icons displayed on your task bar. A good look at these tow icons will show you that one if for pokki, while the other is for instagrille. Then click on the instagrille icon. When you must have done this, the application will then perform its initial run on the system. After this, you then click on the user profile icon that is located on the top right corner of the page. When you do this, the log in window for instagram will immediately appear. When you see this, you can then log in with your instagram ID and password.


After completing these simple steps, you can then rejoice, as you have the instagram for picture effects on your PC. It is also good here to let you know that what you have downloaded is not the original instagram that comes from the developers, because they have no specific original software for PCs yet. But what you have is a tapped version of instagram which can also give you some of the functions you will get from instagram. Again, it will be good to let you know that there might be some functions of the main instagram which you might not be able to access through this. But in essence, it will serve you good purposes and give you very retro edited and filtered images.

Tips on Instagram and the PC

When I was discussing about instagram with my friend, he said something that is very significant. You might be wondering about what it is that he said. We were about highlighting the benefits of instagram, and the thing he said is this, “the benefits of instagram are so numerous, but we cannot know the very advantages of instagram at this particular moment because it has no independent software that can make it work on a PC”. This brings us to the platforms that support instagram. Due to the nature and type of work most of us do, it is of a very pressing demand that instagram works on the PC. This has made a lot of people ask me personally how to download instagram on the PC.


On this, I have these clarifications to make. When the instagram application was launched, the designers or developers made it in such a way that it is only the users of the tablets and iOS that can enjoy these services. This made people who make use of other systems to be very angry as they couldn’t access this directly. But later, the software that makes android operating systems to be able to access instagram was also launched. This was welcomed greatly by many users, to the extent that within six days of the launch, more than 5 million downloads has been made on this. Instagram for iOS works on iPhones, iPod touch, and iPad. This can be downloaded freely from the application store.


When you come to androids, it depends on how old your OS version is. This will determine whether you will experience bugs and crashes when using it. The latest version you have, the better for you. You can download this from the Google play and it is completely free of charge. Now, when it comes to the use of instagram on the PC, the truth about it is that it has not been developed. Though there is no way you can make a direct postage or posting of your instagram photos from or to your PC, there are also many other alternatives that you can use to get your pictures filtered on the PC. This might not give you the exact instagram effect. But it will give you something that is very near to what you get with instagram.


You can make use of Pixlr, which is easily downloaded on your browser, Facebook or even chrome. This will give you the desired pictures with a sort of vintage look. It is a vintage or retro photo editor that can edit and give you effects that qualifies to confuse some as being done by instagram. You can also make use of  This is a photo editor that is very easy to use. The dragging and dropping effect of this gives your photo some high resolution Polaroid and filtered retro effect. You can download both the ordinary windows and mac version of this and create the effects from your computer.